About Proactive Health Learning Solution

Proactive Health Learning Solutions is a leader in health care education. Proactive is focused on optimizing health by improving patient outcomes. Our online learning solutions are interactive and engaging. Through education patients learn about their disease, the health consequences, treatment plan and are given the steps necessary to succeed. Real patient interviews and discussions reinforce the ability for patients to recognize their medical problems and become proactively involved and in control of their treatment and outcome. Each disease module offers learning self-assessments, reinforcing key points and consolidating patient knowledge and understanding. Proactive Health Learning Solutions is about changing health care outcomes.

Dr. Peter Nassar, MD, FAASM, FCCP

A Message From the Founder

As a board certified sleep physician practicing sleep medicine exclusively for 13 years I was frustrated by the dismal numbers I saw in patient compliance. Nationwide sleep therapy compliance averages 50%. While some healthcare companies achieve higher numbers, we’re leaving nearly half of the patients in need behind.

Determined to capture the other 50%, I was driven to find a streamlined and cohesive approach to empower individuals to take control and excel with their healthcare. And with that, Proactive Health Learning Solutions was born!

The Proactive module educates patients about their disease, lets them know how much they truly have to gain or lose with therapy, and gives them the knowledge and tools to be successful. It is designed for patients to have their own personal discovery about the importance of their therapy and it works. The results of our NIH registered study demonstrated that patients who completed our interactive sleep module increased Medicare compliance by a remarkable 13%. We’ve seen amazing responses from patients, healthcare companies, and physicians and are looking forward to hearing how Proactive has changed your patient outcomes.

Our Mission

Our mission is help patients improve their health by proactively managing their disease to obtain the best possible outcome.

We provide the pathway for success with the realization that patients first need to understand their disease and how their health may be affected. This knowledge creates the motivation to act with the main driving force of avoiding health consequences and improving quality of life. We provide treatment guidelines and expectations for the patients to follow that are simple and straightforward. Finally, we encourage the patient to take responsibility for their healthcare by being proactive and demanding success from both themselves and their healthcare providers.

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